Welcome to the UNTD Association of Canada

Celebrating the Military and Civilian Contributions of Participants in Canadian Naval Reserve Officer Training Programs


Our mission is to identify, preserve, and promote the history and values of the UNTD program and its successors, with their emphasis on leadership, honesty, commitment, service, and personal discipline.


The membership primarily comprises individuals who participated in the UNTD program (1943 - 1968), and those who participated in successor programs such as ROUTP, NROC, UNTD version 2, and RESO. Anyone who supports the vision and mission of the Association is welcome to join, and many individuals with a connection to those naval reserve officer training schemes are included in the Association Nominal List which currently contains over 8,800 entries.
Associate members are those who did not go through any of the NavRes programs but have had or continue to have important connections to those programs or the people in them.
Honourary members are those who have been recognized by the Association for a significant contribution to the Navy or to the country.
The Nominal List is central to the preservation of the legacy and is diligently maintained to include Active and Silent members. Active members are those who choose to actively participate in the affairs of the Association, who may vote at meetings and who pay dues. All members, both Active and Silent, for whom contact information is available, receive the periodic newsletter and are welcome at Association events.


  • Maintain an archive of information relating to the UNTD Program, its successor programs, their members, and their accomplishments;
  • Facilitate camaraderie and communication between our members;
  • Publish a newsletter periodically; and occasionally, other articles, books, and press releases;
  • Maintain a web site containing news, information, photos, archives, and links to members and other web sites of interest to our members;
  • Promote regional and national gatherings of our members;
  • Encourage the promotion and support of reserve and regular naval officer training programs to provide a visible presence and leadership training on university campuses and a continuing link with their local Naval Reserve Division.


  • The Association is an unincorporated, not-for-profit, network of persons with a Board of Directors of not less than 6 nor more than 16 persons, with at least one member from each of the Atlantic, Central, and Western Regions of Canada;
  • Hold a General Meeting of our membership at least once every 24 months, to affirm the appointment of Directors and their actions;
As amended by the UNTDA Board of Directors, on June 12, 2018

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Cadets mustered on the quarterdeck of HMCS ?, summer 1962(?).

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HMCS Ontario

HMCS Ontario was a Minotaur-class light cruiser built for the Royal Navy as HMS Minotaur, but transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy on completion and renamed Ontario.